Protect and Manage Your Design Rights Internationally

The future of intellectual property rights

In the course of reading this book you probably noticed that its authors
don’t shy away from criticizing the existing infrastructure for the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. Some of you will find that, via various means, you’re more or less able to cope with or work around the system’s shortcomings, while others of you will feel the system is unbearable. Though it does have to be said that some very promising steps have been taken towards improving the situation in recent years, for example the introduction of design rights in the EU, on the whole, the situation globally is still a long way from being ideal, from the perspective of designers. In closing, we asked ourselves two key questions. Toward what goals should those committed to upholding both the future of design and the livelihood of designers strive? How do we, as professional consultants to the industry, envision a best-case scenario for the regulation of intellectual property on an international level in the years to come?
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·18.1 An internationally harmonized legal system
·18.2 A uniform IP right for all forms of intellectual property
·18.3 Protecting solely against commercial usage
·18.4 Employment of modern information technologies
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